How well can you handle gross situations?

This quiz will see how gross you are. Which means it will show how you handle the stuff that makes other people puke. OR it can show you how easily your stomach can upchuck. This quiz is kinda gross so don't take it if you already feel kinda queasy.

1 If you see a slug, what is your reaction?
2 You find a hair in your Big Mac. (That's a burger, if you don't know.) What do you say?
3 What happens when you drop a rotten egg in your room?
4 You see your little sibling picking their nose, what do you say?
5 What is the word you use for "throw-up?"
6 Let's say that you are talking on the phone and you need to go to the restroom. You get in a stall, and whoever was there last did not flush the toiilet so it is full of pee. You accidentally dropped your phone and the toilet is one of the automatic flushing ones. What do you do then? (Make your choice quick, IT MIGHT FLUSH DOWN!)
7 What is the grossest question on this quiz?