How well do you know the Blasian
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How well do you know the Blasian

Do you really know the Blasian.

1. What is the Blasian's real name?
2. What is the Blasian's favourite food?
3. Where was the Blasian born?
4. What is the Mazni's favourite thing to do in spare time?
5. How old is the Blasian?
6. What does the Blasian watch most often on TV
7. What is the Blasian's favoutire movie? (I don't like all of these movies btw)
8. Where does the Blasian go to pray?
9. Which video game systems does the Blasian have?
10. Who is the Blasian's bestest friend in the world?
11. Final question. What are the Blasian's gerbil's names?