How crazy of a character are you
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How crazy of a character are you

people pick the craziest things they've done, to figure out how weird they are.

1. If your friends dared you to pick your nose front of the whole class, you'd say....
2. If you saw a block of ice sitting outside your house, would you sit on it?
3. you haven't eaten for days, you have no money,and their is a pizza covered in rats sitting n a trash can outside a restraunt- what do you do
4. its that time of year where you have to disect frogs and your lab partner tells you if you kiss it, it will turn into a prince/princess , what would you do
5. if you could chose, what would the color of poop be
6. your at a fancy ball and the waiter leaves a huge jar of chilie peppers on the counter, so you eat them all. Then your mouth gets so hot it burns your taste buds out ; what do you do
7. you buy a gummy toy from the store and you get bored so you throw it in the air but it gets stuck to the ceiling , what do you do