How well do you understand females?

Are you a Don Jaun or just clueless around women?

1 What does it mean when a girl you like tells you she can't understand why you are still single?
2 In which of the statements below is the female MOST likely to be telling the truth?
3 Which is the most accurate statement about women?
4 The girl you like knows you like her yet often complains that she can't find a nice guy that wants her. What does that mean?
5 Women enjoy being romanced?
6 Which of the following statements are completely true?
7 A women tells you she likes you but that she needs time and so you shouldn't wait for her if someone else comes along. What does she mean?
8 How many relationships have you had that lasted more than 3 months?
9 Do women express surprise at how well you understand them?
10 Are you cynical about womens motives?