what type of zombie killer are you?!...

this is basically a quiz to see how you would fight off the zombies when they take over the world in the near future!

1 what do you do when you see a zombie by itself walking around?
2 what do you do when a zombie is runnin at you?
3 if you got to pick 2 weapons what would they be?
4 what do you do when you get cornered by 10 zombies?
5 ideal situation in a zombie attack
6 if you were to get bit by a zombie what would you do?
7 you are on top of a 3 story building and you look down to see hundreds of zombies walking around but they dont notice you so you...
8 what do you think you would say when you heard word of zombies are taking over the world?
9 if you were to be wearing a shirt what color would it be?
10 in 1-3 words describe how you like to kill
11 describe how to kill something