How Well Do You Know Me?
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How Well Do You Know Me?

See if you know anything or everything aboue me! Better than dans quiz :P

1. Lets start easy: What is my favorite color?
2. Which of these gaming systems have I bought
3. Sports Time! Whats my favorite College Football Team?
4. Tough One! Whats My Favorite Kind of Movie?
5. Whos My Best Friend?
6. If I Could Have One of These What Would It Be?
7. Whats My Phone Number?
8. What Pets Do I Have?
9. Whats the One Sport I Actualy Play
10. Who Was The 1st Girl I Ever Dated and Had My 1st Kiss With?
11. Wherre Did I Move to Troy From?
12. Whos My Favorite Person Out of These?
13. How Am I Drunk?
14. What Does Everyone Call Me?
15. Finaly: Whats My Favorite Thing in my Room?