How Justin Bieber-ish are you?
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How Justin Bieber-ish are you?

Take the quiz. look at the mark. if it's 0-10 u r awesome. 11-20,great. 21-40, mmmmkay. 41-50, be careful now. 51-70, whoa. 71-85, dont even go there. 86- 100 stay away from others, and do not attempt to sing. PLease.

1. Do you like hip-hop.
2. Do you like to sing very high pitched.
3. Do you like Donald Trump's comb-over.
4. Do you stalk a group of girls around and have a crush on the ugliest one.
5. Do you phone celebrities.
6. Do you like Justin Bieber's two faggish songs?
7. Are you full of yourself. BE TRUTHFUL
8. Do you wear tight red turtlenecks?
9. Do you have fans.
10. Hi. My name is Bill.