How Justin Bieber-ish are you?

Take the quiz. look at the mark. if it's 0-10 u r awesome. 11-20,great. 21-40, mmmmkay. 41-50, be careful now. 51-70, whoa. 71-85, dont even go there. 86- 100 stay away from others, and do not attempt to sing. PLease.

1 Do you like hip-hop.
2 Do you like to sing very high pitched.
3 Do you like Donald Trump's comb-over.
4 Do you stalk a group of girls around and have a crush on the ugliest one.
5 Do you phone celebrities.
6 Do you like Justin Bieber's two faggish songs?
7 Are you full of yourself. BE TRUTHFUL
8 Do you wear tight red turtlenecks?
9 Do you have fans.
10 Hi. My name is Bill.