How Well Do You Know Harry Potter?

A stunningly in-depth and challenging quiz testing your understanding of the best selling novels of all time by author: J. K. Rowling. How much can you score?

1 What was the first word of the first chapter of the first book?
2 When was Dobbie first initiated into the ODST (Orbital Drop Shock Troopers)?
3 Who is Hermione's dealer(s)?
4 Where did Harry Baggins and Ronwise Gamgee take the One Ring to destroy it?
5 Who gave harry his Flying Carpet?
6 Who has the longest wand?
7 Who gave Ginny Weasley AIDs?
8 Whitch was the longest book in the series?
9 What other movies had Dobby starred in?
10 When Crab and Goyle are alone together, what do thay do?
11 Where was Dumbledore on 9/11/2001?
12 What is the benefit of having a hard wooden stick up your but than having a seat?
13 Which twin is dead?
14 In which book does Ron leave for Itally to protect Hermione Swan, and Harry Black move in as Ron's replacement?
15 When did Ron don the MJOLNIR Armor and become the Predator and go to Johanasburg, Africa to defend the world from Prawns?
16 Who won in war between the order of the phoenix and the Dark Side?
17 Who is the best wizard in the world?
18 Are you seriously still taking this? don't worry, it's the last question:)
19 Ooooops, i lied! aha retard. btw, you're going to score horribly, but it's okay because you: