How big a cricket nut are you ?

Test out your cricket knowledge to to quantify how big a cricket fan you really are ?

1 How long is a cricket pitch ?
2 Who has taken the most wickets in test cricket ?
3 Who is the longest broadcasting cricket commentator for Ch 9 in Australia, and is set to retire at end in 2010 ?
4 Who was the batsman who got out on what is now regarded as the 'Ball of the Century' ?
5 How many bouncers (above shoulder height) are allowed in an over in an ODI?
6 Who holds the record for most centuries in test cricket (as of 2009)?
7 Who has won most Man of the Match awards in Test cricket ?
8 What is a Chinaman ?
9 Who has the record for best match bowling figures on test debut ?
10 Which umpire became famous for standing on one leg when score was a multiple of 111 ?
11 Which wicket keeper holds the record for most dismissals in tests ?
12 Which of the following can be considered for LBW ?
13 Who was known as 'Whispering Death' ?
14 Who started World Series Cricket ?
15 Who won the inaugral Champions Trophy ?
16 What was the inaugral edition of Champios trophy called ?
17 Who is highest run-scorer in all world cups?
18 Who bowled the infamous underarm delivery ?
19 Who is only batsman to hit six 6s in an over in an ODI?
20 Who has not scored a century in a World Cup final ?
21 What is the minimum number of overs that need to be finished by each side to constitute an ODI game ?
22 How many penalty runs are given to the batting team if the ball hits a batsman's helmet ?
23 Who was first batsman to be given run-out by Third umpire?
24 In how many tests did the famed Indian spin quartet (Bedi, Prasanna, Chandrashekhar, Venkataraghwan) play together?
25 How many teams have played official test cricket?