How Wise Are You?

Want to know how wise are you? Take this quiz to find out!

1 You were walking in a beach one day. Your friend and your mother fell into the sea accidentally and none of them can swim. Who will you save; having only one person to save
2 You got a jackpot from 4D one day worthing 1M. Suddenly a robber came and threatened you: money or life. Which one would you choose if the robber is more fit than you?
3 You have a brand new computer. Just when you are using it, it suddenly shuts down and can't be booted up again.The boot is also very very heavy. What will you do?
4 You are on the MRT platform. When you try to take out your precious gold watch worth 10k USD, it dropped into the track.If the train is coming in 3 minutes time, what will you do?
5 You see a group of gangsters in a void deck but at first you ignore them. But as you are passing by, they pointed at you, whispered something and laugh out loud. What will you do?