How Asian Are You? n_n

This Proves a bit if you Feel asian or not. Much has been proved to be asian, this is a quiz to prove you, if you feel like it and if you truelly are asian.

1 Are your parents Asian?
2 Do you speak any Asian languages?
3 Do you like/love asian food?
4 Do you have Asian friends?
5 What kind of skin colour do you have?
6 With what do you eat your food?
7 Do you like to make pictures?
8 What kind of hair do you have?
9 What kind of haircolour do you have?
10 What's your favourite part of the world?
11 What's your height?
12 Do you wear glasses?
13 Are you a shy type?
14 What kind of eyes do you have?
15 Do you like to wear colourful things? like:
16 Do you like Asian cartoons?
17 Do you like studying?
18 Are you open to other cultures?
19 Do you like rice?
20 Last Question, what kind of Asian are you?