How Asian Are You? n_n
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How Asian Are You? n_n

This Proves a bit if you Feel asian or not. Much has been proved to be asian, this is a quiz to prove you, if you feel like it and if you truelly are asian.

1. Are your parents Asian?
2. Do you speak any Asian languages?
3. Do you like/love asian food?
4. Do you have Asian friends?
5. What kind of skin colour do you have?
6. With what do you eat your food?
7. Do you like to make pictures?
8. What kind of hair do you have?
9. What kind of haircolour do you have?
10. What's your favourite part of the world?
11. What's your height?
12. Do you wear glasses?
13. Are you a shy type?
14. What kind of eyes do you have?
15. Do you like to wear colourful things? like:
16. Do you like Asian cartoons?
17. Do you like studying?
18. Are you open to other cultures?
19. Do you like rice?
20. Last Question, what kind of Asian are you?