How well do you know Kristen Warren #2
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How well do you know Kristen Warren #2

Basically this is to prove to me how well people know me.

1. What is my favorite color?
2. What is my best friends from 7th grade names?
3. What is my favorite type of food?
4. What quote or saying do I say the most?
5. What is the original date me and my girlfriend started dateing?
6. What color is my hair?
7. What is my dogs name?
8. What is my girlfriends name?
9. Whats my favorite thing to do in my free time?
10. What is my favorite football team?
11. How many peircings do I have?
12. What am I going to school for?
13. My favorite number and my obbsession is?
14. Would you say im?
15. My eye color is?