How much ballina slang do u know??

ballina slang--how well do u know it

1 What does 'wahu' mean?
2 What are 'kebs'?
3 What is a persons 'delph'?
4 What is a 'bure'?
5 What are 'gullies'?
6 What is 'to lamp'?
7 What are 'joo-joos'?
8 If somebody said u are a 'gammy sham' you would be a..?
9 If someone complinented your 'hoop' they would be complimenting your....?
10 what is 'murdermacs'?
11 If you were to go 'bush lushing' you would....?
12 If someone said to 'bite thier coinne' they would want you to bite thier....?
13 What is a 'nya nya'?