How well do you know Demita?

Take the quiz to see who knows Demita better!!

1 What is my full name?
2 What day did I get married
3 what is my favorite food?
4 What elementary school did I go to?
5 When is my birthday?
6 What is my favorite color?
7 How many children do I have
8 Do I have boys or girls?
9 What is my oldest childs name?
10 What is my youngest childs name
11 What are my parents names?
12 How old am I?
13 How many siblings do I have steps and in-laws included?
14 What is my husbands name?
15 How old was I when I got my license?
16 How long have I been with my husband as of 2009?
17 Where was my firs tax paying job?
18 What community did I grow up in
19 Who was my favorite teacher?
20 Where do I currently Live?
21 what does my husband call me?
22 When I moved out of town where did I move to?
23 What is me and my husbands wedding song and by who?
24 What high school did I go to?