Stupid Law Test

See how many stupid laws you know from around the world.

1 In Australia it is illegal to walk on suburban streets wearing...?
2 In Santa Cruz, Bolivia, it is illegal for a man to have sex with -------- at the same time.
3 In Denmark, It is illegal to start a car -------?
4 In Egypt, A few centuries ago, killing ----- was punishable by death.
5 In france, It is illegal to name a ---- Napoleon.
6 In Athens, Greece, you can have your driver's licence revoked if you are behind the wheel and deemed -----------?
7 In Hungry, ----- must be walked on leads.
8 In Israel, Nose picking is illegal -------.
9 In Japan, People are not allowed to wear ---- unless they are grieving.
10 In Kissimmee, Florida, USA, Men seen publicly in ------- can be fined.
11 In Louisiana, USA, What's the difference between aggravated and natural assault in Louisiana?
12 In Madagascar, Pregnant women may not wear ----.
13 In New York, USA, It is illegal for a restaurant to call something a corned beef sandwich if ------?
14 In Oklahoma, USA, You can be arrested for making faces at ----.
15 In Peru, Bachelors are not allowed to keep female ------ in their apartments.
16 In Queensland, It is illegal to walk on the right hand side of a ----?.
17 In Russia, It is illegal to drive a -----.
18 In Scotland, If someone knocks on your door in need of a toilet, you must ------.
19 In Thailand, It is illegal for a person to leave home if they are not wearing -------.
20 In the United Kingdom, A pregnant woman is allowed to urinate anywhere she likes, including inside a ------------.
21 In Vermont, USA, Women must be given permission by their husbands before they are allowed to wear false -----.
22 In Washington, USA, It is illegal to have sex with a ------, under any circumstances.
23 In Xian, China, Drivers who stop at --------- are to be fined.
24 In Yemen, The legal age of consent for females to marry is ---.
25 In Zurich, Switzerland, It is illegal for a man to ---- while standing up after 10pm.