Stupid Law Test
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Stupid Law Test

See how many stupid laws you know from around the world.

1. In Australia it is illegal to walk on suburban streets wearing...?
2. In Santa Cruz, Bolivia, it is illegal for a man to have sex with -------- at the same time.
3. In Denmark, It is illegal to start a car -------?
4. In Egypt, A few centuries ago, killing ----- was punishable by death.
5. In france, It is illegal to name a ---- Napoleon.
6. In Athens, Greece, you can have your driver's licence revoked if you are behind the wheel and deemed -----------?
7. In Hungry, ----- must be walked on leads.
8. In Israel, Nose picking is illegal -------.
9. In Japan, People are not allowed to wear ---- unless they are grieving.
10. In Kissimmee, Florida, USA, Men seen publicly in ------- can be fined.
11. In Louisiana, USA, What's the difference between aggravated and natural assault in Louisiana?
12. In Madagascar, Pregnant women may not wear ----.
13. In New York, USA, It is illegal for a restaurant to call something a corned beef sandwich if ------?
14. In Oklahoma, USA, You can be arrested for making faces at ----.
15. In Peru, Bachelors are not allowed to keep female ------ in their apartments.
16. In Queensland, It is illegal to walk on the right hand side of a ----?.
17. In Russia, It is illegal to drive a -----.
18. In Scotland, If someone knocks on your door in need of a toilet, you must ------.
19. In Thailand, It is illegal for a person to leave home if they are not wearing -------.
20. In the United Kingdom, A pregnant woman is allowed to urinate anywhere she likes, including inside a ------------.
21. In Vermont, USA, Women must be given permission by their husbands before they are allowed to wear false -----.
22. In Washington, USA, It is illegal to have sex with a ------, under any circumstances.
23. In Xian, China, Drivers who stop at --------- are to be fined.
24. In Yemen, The legal age of consent for females to marry is ---.
25. In Zurich, Switzerland, It is illegal for a man to ---- while standing up after 10pm.