Are You A Packer Fan or Favre Fan?
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Are You A Packer Fan or Favre Fan?

Is the Green Bay Packers a real team of a figment of Favres imagination

1. What year was the Green Bay Packers founded?
2. Green Bay has won how many championships NOT including the Super Bowl?
3. Brett Favre's middle name is what?
4. How many Pro Football Hall of Famers have played for the Packers?
5. Green Bay Packers wear what colors primarily?
6. Brett Favre has thrown how many interceptions to date in his career?
7. Brett Favre blew the NFC Championship game in 2007 because?
8. Before the Packers played in Lambeau Field where did they play?
9. Whats the address of Lambeau Field?
10. When can Green Bay win again?