Do you know Bree Autumn like you think you do?


1 What Color Has Bree's hair NEVER been?
2 Where HASN'T Bree Lived For More than 2 Weeks?
3 How many Tattoos does Bree have?
4 What size are Bree's gauges?
5 What is Bree's favorite way to sleep?
6 What is Bree's Major in school?
7 What does Bree hate most?
8 What does Bree want to be when she grows up?
9 What is Bree's favorite State?
10 How many Siblings Does Bree have?
11 Whats Bree's Cars name?
12 Which is true about Bree's cellular history.
13 What doe Bree Collect?
14 Who is Bree's Best Friend?
15 What does the Ring on Bree's Finger say?
16 What did Bree Invent?
17 What does Bree drink?