How much are you like Chris Harrison?
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How much are you like Chris Harrison?

A quiz about how much people are like myself Chris

1. q1) whats your fav colour?
2. q2) what is my your fav animal?
3. how old am i ?
4. what did i wanna call my dog wen i got it ?
5. what country do i wanna live in ?
6. If i was famous wat wud it b for ?
7. what do i normally drink to get drunk ?
8. q3) whats your birthday month ?
9. whats ure fav football team?
10. where do u work?
11. what wud i do if someone did sunc to my pet ?
12. wats ure job ambition ?
13. what wud i rather be ?
14. whos the fittest celebrity ?
15. am i kl ?
16. what wud u wanna do if we was in a room 2geva ?
17. if u were me wat wud ya do?
18. wud u shag me ?
19. hw much wud u say i was a gd m8 ?
20. last question thank fuk do u like to sleep a lot ? nd i mean a lot