How Loyal A Friend Are You?
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How Loyal A Friend Are You?

we're gonna ask you a bunch of random somtimes dumb, but hysterical questions that put you in awkward and difficult situations that will show how loyal a friend you can be or maybe how evil and mean you are.

1. Your friend turns into a talking platypus, what do you do?
2. Your friend is seceretly Hannah Montana, what do you do?
3. You are trick or treating with your chubby friend when she begins to give birth in the road.
4. Your friend wants to sell her soul to you for 3 cookies, what do you do?
5. You find your friend eating cute helpless puppies what do you do?
6. Your friend poops her/his pants during school, what do you do?
7. You were playing with fire and accidentally burned and killed you best friend's poodle, what do you do/