I run with the Wolves trivia

test and see how well you know my book

1 What happened to Kita's parents?
2 where is Kita's new home?
3 Who is this Sage?
4 What happened to Sage's mother
5 What is the gift Sage gives to Kita
6 where was Kita and Sage's first kiss
7 what is Josh's pride and joy?! LOL
8 Who's the deadly hunter?!
9 hmm...(straight do to point) did Sage and Kita....do it?
10 :( *sniff* how does our Sage die?
11 What did kita find on her window in the end?
12 Does Sage have any other wolf family members
13 what is Sage's normal tempreture?
14 Where was kita's character based from?
15 who does Larissa (the writer) see in Sage
16 who plays uncle Leo
17 what color are Kita's eyes before and after?
18 Is kita blind?
19 what disney romance reminds kita of her and Sage's relationship
20 what is the one thing Kita enjoy's doing?
21 What happen to Nina's husband
22 last one! in what chapter di dKita find out what Sage was? and no cheating!