What Regicide Girl Is Right For You?

And now the exciting and long overdue sequel to WHAT KIDSCHITTA GUY IS RIGHT FOR YOU! From the makers of Regicide and Kings Four

1 Let's get to know you a little bit, would you say you're a unique individual?
2 Now that we're friends, how many hours a day do you spend jerking off?
3 We're steadfast friends now Thomas! Can I call you Thomas? What kind of pornography do you most enjoy?
4 How would you- and this is hypothetical Thomas, don't get any ideas- Rape a woman?
5 Mmm my nipples are hard now, how would you best describe your penis?
6 Answer the last question fast, I'm gonna blow my load on this fake plant. Gah...! Where would you take her on a date?!
7 I just came, can you hand me that paper towel?