Is Your Blood Really RED, WHITE and GREEN?

For Boys' High Boys who think they know Boys' High.

1 Who is the Oldest known teacher @ Boys'?
2 How are guys suppose to call eachother?
3 When was Boys' Built?
4 Which was the first Boarding House
5 In 2003 how much did we win over Affies?
6 Who is the "Godfather"?
7 I am a what...
8 I Will....
9 Smokers love?
10 Boys' High Boys are my....
11 Form 1's are?
12 Who is most hardcore?
13 I hate
14 School Song?
15 Most known comment?
16 Our Ghost?
17 What is the Best House?
18 A famous Tree
19 What are Boys' High Boys?
20 What is our drive called?