Do you hurt peoples eyes or are you eye candy?

See if you're attractive or ugly. Theres no in between you're one or the other. Its better that you find out the truth now, so you can save up for plastic surgery if you need to,or get a boost in self esteem if you find out you're actually good-looking.

1 Out of the listed which best describes you?
2 What weight catagory are you in?
3 What facial/body imperfections out of the below do you have the biggest issue with?
4 Do you ever get complimented on your looks?
5 If someone insults you do they mention your looks?(even if its online, and somehow they saw your picture.)
6 Have you ever been cheated on because the person was not attracted to how you looked anymore?
7 Do you honestly think you look attractive,or do you think you look hideous?