How well do you know 'Mean Girls'?

Using proper grammar, and not a really stupid 5 question quiz.

1 "I wish I could bake a cake of rainbows and smiles and we'd all eat it and be happy..."
2 When Regina met Aaron she was...
3 "If you need anything, some..."
4 "Regina George is not sweet, she's..."
5 How do you overthrow a dictator?
6 Who is Regina hooking up with in the projection room above the auditorium?
7 What was Cady dressed as for halloween?
8 What vases were under the sink?
9 How old is Cady?
10 After Cady walks in on Janis and Damien's scary movie, what happens to the popcorn?
11 What university did Cady's mother attend?
12 What does the perfume that Regina make Cady smell like?
13 Which day can you not wear jeans?
14 What is the rule on ponytails?
15 Which teacher has carpel tunnel?
16 According to Coach Carr, what are the first three letters of "Chlamydia"
17 Which High School is Mean Girls set in?
18 Which clique is not part of Janis' map?
19 Who was not nominated for Spring Fling Queen?
20 What does it mean if you win Spring Fling King or Queen?