Test your K9 IQ

Just as it would be rude to walk up to someone and sniff their backside, many common things people do, are less than courteous to dogs. People and dogs have significantly different sets of rules and behaviors. This quiz will touch upon understanding body language, health, and responsible pet ownership. Good luck!

1 Walking in your neighborhood, you see a cute dog with its owner. As you calmly approach, what should you ask?
2 After you get approval from the owner (above), what should you do, next?
3 Where are the most "dog-friendly" places to pet a dog?
4 You & your dog are going to the dogpark. Through the first gate, when should you unleash your dog?
5 Which dog should you be most respectful/fearful, of?
6 Your dog needs a lot of exercise. Are retractable/flexi leads a good choice?
7 An unfamiliar (unaccompanied by owner) dog runs toward you, barking. What should you do?
8 Oops, your dog had an accident in the house. What should you do?
9 What three basic commands should EVERY dog know and respond, to?
10 Your dog is sleeping. Your toddler goes over to crawl on him/her. What should you do?
11 You and your small dog are out on a walk. Oops! you don't have a pick up bag.
12 Your dog doesn't feel well, and growled as you approached. What should you do?
13 What is NOT a good game to play with your dog?
14 A dog is alone, in a parked car, with the windows up. What should you do?
15 You and your dog visit a pet boutique. What should you do?
16 What is your dog's FIRST and most well-developed sense?
17 You see a service dog with it's handler, and would like to meet them. Is it ok to approach?
18 Where is the best place to get a puppy/dog?
19 What should you NEVER EVER offer your dog?
20 Your dog is constipated or has "the runs". What food can you offer to settle his tummy?
21 As a responsible owner, what is an important thing you can do for your pet's health and well being?
22 What is not safe to do, to ANY dog?
23 For optimum health (shiny coat, healthy teeth/bones, good immune sysytem), what should your dog's food/treats NOT have?
24 You have an elderly dog, and realize they might not be around much longer. Should you adopt a puppy?
25 In exchange for healthy food, proper exercise and loving care, what can you expect from a dog?