How smart are you?
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How smart are you?

take this quiz to find out how smart you are.

1. who won the formula 1 this year?
2. which is correct?
3. whats 30 divide a 1/2 plus 10
4. true or false. 1 is a prime number?
5. what is the highest score possible in bowling?
6. whats missing in this sequence.....................6,7,9,12,16,21,27,??
7. what mammals can fly but has no wings?
8. who sang 'we are the champions'?
9. What letter is next in this sequence?...............M, A, M, J, J, A, S, O,??
10. how far can you walk into the woods?
11. whats the highest score when firing 7 darts at a board?
12. what do all the numbers in a sudoku add up to?
13. which one of these is an oasis song?