How old school are you?

bringing you back to the old, tv, and other shiznit that made the cut from the late 80's into the 90's

1 Where was the Fresh Prince originally from?
2 Who said these " Stop, Look and Listen" and "No, Stop and Dont"
3 What year did the high top fade come out?
4 Back when george michael was cool and everyone knew who UB40 was, there was a new type of music being defined HIP HOP boi!!! who helped define this genre of music
5 The Year is 1987 what new show are you watching on TV?
6 In the early 90's what convenience store chain began playing elevator music outside its stores to discourage teens from loitering?
7 The year is 1992 you want to go to the movies...what are you going to see?
8 It's 1995 and the world is shook to hear that
9 On fashion in the late 80's.... if you were in the IN crowd you could be seen sport'n
10 In 1996 there are two rap artists who depicted themselves as Jesus Christ on their album covers.. Who were they?
11 Eddie Murphy had a brother who got busy on the hip hop scene... They dropped a song in the early 90s.. What was the name of that group?
12 What group did the hit song 'Fly Girl'?
13 Which group of names list at least 4 of the 8 members of the Wu-Tang Clan?
14 What well known rapper went on to be a model for Calvin Klein underwear?
15 What Bay Area rapper had a role in the movie Menace II Society?
16 The Wu-Tang Clan always talk about coming from Shaolin.. What is Shaolin?
17 What does LLCool J name stand for?
18 What movie was the line "check this out i got these burgers man they some double cheeseburgers" from?
19 name that song " its all about making the GTA"