The Ultimate Spongebob Squarepants Quiz

Think you know the awesomest sponge under the sea. Find out.

1 What is Spongebob's boss obsessed with
2 In the episode where Patrick dresses up as a women, what what his name
3 What is the name of the town where Spongebob becomes mayor?
4 What is Plankton's computer wife's name?
5 How does Squidward become handsome?
6 What is the name of Spongebob's old jellyfishing net?
7 What is the name of one of the Sandy's bosses.
8 When the hash sling slasher comes this does not happen.
9 In the episode, "Help Wanted", what type of fish invades the Krusty Krab and starts destroying the restaurant because they're hungry?
10 What 3 words describe Spongebob in the theme song
11 Where is Sandy Cheeks from?
12 Spongebob is whos biggest fan?
13 According to Mr. Krabs how many bad words never to be said are there?
14 Where does Squidward move to?
15 Who is Squidward's arch-rival who he met in high school band class?
16 What is the name of Sandy's pet that is the monster that panicked Bikini Bottom?
17 In "Band Geeks" what instrument was Mrs. Puff playing before the riot started?
18 What is Mr. Krabs first name?
19 What was the name of the clam that Spongebob thought he upsetted?
20 What was the actual reason the clam was upset?
21 What was the club called that Mr. Krabs, Spongebob and Patrick went to?
22 In "The Great Snail Race" what is Squidward's snail's name?
23 In "The Great Snail Race" what is Patrick's snail's name?
24 What is the name of the song that was originated from Squidward and Patrick's pain?
25 What was the name of the song that was sung in the episode "Band Geeks"?