the ultimate cri quiz

cricket crazy pepl?????????can u do it??????

1 who has won cricket world cup both as player n coach for australia??????
2 who has played for bot sa n zimbawe??playd a huge part 1999wrld cup
3 who was the batsman when murlitharan brok warnes record???
4 who is the highest earning cricketer currently?????/
5 who is the current rank1 batsman????
6 whi has the highest bat avg in test cricket???/
7 who has been linked with lara bingle??????
8 which fast bowler has taken max wickets in test for india????/
9 shane warne bowled a ball which is remembered as bowl of the century who was at the recieving end????//
10 who has taken max dismissals in test as keeper
11 who has scored most runs in champions trophy??//
12 who won the 1974 world cup???
13 who has lead his team most??///
14 who bowled the most dashing delivery on sayin of greg chappel that created a fuss?