Which Lucky Kentucky (made by me) bandmate are you

Yeah, a 'which of my OC's are you?' test. Made because I'm bored and this is just for fun.

1 What's your Favorite way to spend an evening?
2 Who are some of your favorite bands/singers?
3 What of the following instruments intrest you the most?
4 What nickname you hate the most?
5 Tell me a joke.
6 Which Beatle would people consider you?
7 Favorite color?
8 There's a glass....
9 Do you like pancakes~? :3
10 Say a random Beatles phrase.
11 What's the first thing you think people notice about you?
12 Hey, where you at?
13 Quick, say something!
14 Any siblings?
15 Choose an animal.
16 Favorite subject?