How well do you know RooDawg?

Just a test to see how well you know me. I already know who's going to score high on this, so try to surprise me by scoring high.

1 What country was I born in?
2 What is your favorite food that you have had of mine?
3 Where did I go this summer and have the best week of my life with my friends?
4 Pick the name that does not fit in the group
5 What is my favorite way to end the day?
6 What subjects are my best in high school?
7 What position do I play in basketball
8 What do I do on Friday nights?
9 What is my primary job right now?
10 What did I get on the SAT?
11 What college do I want to go to the most?
12 Pick the phrase that doesn't fit (I'm confident only 1 person will get this)
13 What is my favorite MLB Team?
14 Do you love me?