How well do you know RooDawg?
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How well do you know RooDawg?

Just a test to see how well you know me. I already know who's going to score high on this, so try to surprise me by scoring high.

1. What country was I born in?
2. What is your favorite food that you have had of mine?
3. Where did I go this summer and have the best week of my life with my friends?
4. Pick the name that does not fit in the group
5. What is my favorite way to end the day?
6. What subjects are my best in high school?
7. What position do I play in basketball
8. What do I do on Friday nights?
9. What is my primary job right now?
10. What did I get on the SAT?
11. What college do I want to go to the most?
12. Pick the phrase that doesn't fit (I'm confident only 1 person will get this)
13. What is my favorite MLB Team?
14. Do you love me?