How well do you know movies???

this quizz can show you how well you know great movies :)

1 what do they do to John in 'John Tucker Must Die' to get even?
2 in 'Mean Girls' why is Gretchen rich?
3 In 'Clueless' which guy does Cher end up with?
4 in '10 Things I Hate About You' why does Kat not want her little sister to date Joey?
5 In 'Jumper' why does his mother leave him when he's 5?
6 Which girl does Peter end up with in 'Forgetting Sarah Marshall'?
7 in 'Just My Luck' what happens to her to make her love change?
8 Why does Bartleby have to create a fake college in 'Accepted'?
9 which of these movies is Paul Rudd NOT in?