How well do you know movies???
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How well do you know movies???

this quizz can show you how well you know great movies :)

1. what do they do to John in 'John Tucker Must Die' to get even?
2. in 'Mean Girls' why is Gretchen rich?
3. In 'Clueless' which guy does Cher end up with?
4. in '10 Things I Hate About You' why does Kat not want her little sister to date Joey?
5. In 'Jumper' why does his mother leave him when he's 5?
6. Which girl does Peter end up with in 'Forgetting Sarah Marshall'?
7. in 'Just My Luck' what happens to her to make her love change?
8. Why does Bartleby have to create a fake college in 'Accepted'?
9. which of these movies is Paul Rudd NOT in?