How Well Do You Know Fall Out Boy?

do you really know americas hottest band?

1 What is fobs FIRST album?
2 Finish these lyrics: "What you do on your own times just fine..."
3 Whats the name of Track 9 on Take This To Your Grave?
4 When is Andy's birthday?
5 What band was Pete in before he started Fall Out Boy?
6 What is Joe Trohmans middle name?
7 How many band members have tattoos?
8 Finish these lyrics: "Here's a picture and a note that says...
9 What are the names of everyone in fob?
10 On March 8th, 2007 what magazine did fob cover?
11 When is Joe Trohmans birthday?
12 In fobs song "Tiffany Blews" which artist was featured?
13 What is the national anthem for fob fans?
14 Finsih these lyrics: "Cry on the couch...
15 Fix me in...?
16 What other instrument can Patrick play?