Are You A Syko???
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Are You A Syko???

Find out your inner sykoness. You will probably find out something about yourself u never thought possible...

1. do you ever find yourself yelling at people for minor things?
2. do you ever imagine yourself hurting people you do not like?
3. do you ever have anxiety attacks over stupid things?
4. do you find yourself in arguments?
5. in your opinion are you a syko?
6. do you think people around you are sykos?
7. if this quiz tells you that you are a siko are you going to take it again to try to change your outcome?
8. do u think the maker of this quiz is a syko?
9. do you think people in the grop you hang out with are syko?
10. how many questions does this quiz have excluding this one?
11. is the quiz over