how much of a pimp are you?

you think you got the game? you think you got the hoes? fuck that you aint got shit until u pass this quiz

1 if you hoe aint got the money what are you going to tell her?
2 what color is your ride gonna be?
3 whats the first thing you say when you wake up in the morning?!
4 how many inches are your rims?!
5 if your missing a hoe what do you do!?
6 When you meet a lady for the first time, the first thing you say is:
7 When dressing for a night on the town you wear:
8 How do you spend your Friday nights
9 You went to school to:
10 What saying is most like you?
11 Which Car do you Like Best?
12 whats you favorit alcoholic drink?