How well do you know Dani Cojo?

How well do you know me?

1 The simple question...What is my favorite color?
2 Now, a little more tricky...Wht is my middle name?
3 Well, the first two are done...What are the names of my cats? (there are 3, choose one)
4 I know i'm skiddish, but I have a phobia of what specific thing?
5 Passed the half way mark. We all know I'm into a lot of stuff, but what do i want to be when i grow up?
6 Lets see, true friends, if you know my favorite anime?
7 Final question, and it's a tough one, unless you know me well. <3 We all know i love to create new characters and to roleplay: Who is my most developed character. (if you have no clue: take a guess by looking at their names ;3)