How well do you know Arron Yan Ya Lun?
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How well do you know Arron Yan Ya Lun?

This quiz is mainly about popular boy band Fahrenheit's member Arron Yan.

1. What is Arron Yan's birth name??
2. What is his date of birth?
3. At which country he had his primary school education for 5 years
4. At which Fahrenheit(F degree) scale does Arron represent?
5. He was(before) a sophomore at
6. He underwent a surgey in 2006, while filming
7. He stars in 愛似百匯 Love Buffet with which band member?
8. When he first entered the Entertainment Industry he had rumours with?
9. While filming KO One he adapt his nickname as
10. During Fahrenheit's Fantasy World Tour he sang ________ while playing the piano