Exactly how well do you know Nicole Desjardins????
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Exactly how well do you know Nicole Desjardins????

Tells you how well you know Nicole!!

1. I wake up in the morning and am feeling hungry, what eat for breakfast?
2. I decide to dye my hair a certain color,what color would that be?
3. What are my full initials? In the right order not mixed up!
4. What was(were) my elementary school nickname(s)?
5. How many friends do i have that go to my highschool also went to my elementary school? (I'm talking clossseeee bff's here)
6. Who is my forever boyfriend ?
7. It's my birthday and decide to get me something, special and you think i will like it a lot, what did you get me?
8. What is my favourite band(s) of the moment?
9. Not based on your knowledge, but in your opinion exactly how old do you think i look?
10. Last 1: If i could travel to any country in the world i would travel where, and why would i travel there?