How Messianic/Christian are You?

Do you know you religions history well enough to get all of the questions right? Will you find out why both terms Messianic AND Christian are in the title and not one or the other?

1 Who first coined the term "Christian?"
2 When was Christ born?
3 Who was the main Prophet that prophecied the coming of Jesus?
4 How was the term "Christian" taken when first in use?
5 What did the 1st Crusaders do
6 What Language was the Torah written
7 Are there any other books aside from the Torah and New Covenant?
8 When was the term "Christian" coined?
9 What were the followers of Christ called before being called "Christian"
10 What was the 1st church in "Christianity?"
11 Who was the beloved disciple of Christ
12 How many types of angels are there?
13 What does "Nephilim" mean
14 What does "Nephilim" refer to?
15 How many of G-d's laws are there?
16 How many laws did G-d give to Noah?
17 How many laws of Moses are there?
18 How many tribes of Israel were there?
19 Who is the Patriarch of Judaism?
20 Is Christmas a Messianic/Christian holiday
21 Is Easter a Messianic/Christian holiday?
22 How many types of love are their?
23 What does Sheol, Gehenna, and Tartaroo words ford? I'd put the 4th one, but that would give it away.
24 How many Seals and Trumpets are there in Revelations each? (don't add them)
25 What type of animal(s) is Satan portrayed as?