So you think you know Star Wars... You've taken every quiz out there and gotten 100%... Well, you ain't seen nothing yet... this is harder than navigating the forests of Endor, blindfolded on a broken speeder! And if you win... what do you get... ULTIMATE POWER!

1 What film did George Lucas state was an inspiration for R2D2 and C3P0?
2 Who originally supplied the voice for Boba Fett in The Empire Strikes Back?
3 In The Empire Strikes Back, what is Hobbie's call sign?
4 Which role did Kurt Russell audition for?
5 Who of the following turned down the role of Han Solo
6 Who is the first character to say "I have a bad feeling about this?" (Original Trilogy)
7 Who co-wrote the opening scrawl for A New Hope?
8 How tall is Chewbacca?
9 What is the FIRST ever shot completed by ILM?
10 Where was Tattoine shot?
11 Which Storm Trooper "abandoned his post" in A New Hope?
12 On what planet is Cloud City?
13 How many times are the Ewoks refered to by name in Return of the Jedi?
14 According to George Lucas, how many years before A New Hope is The Phantom Menace set?
15 What role did Keira Knightly play in The Phantom Menace?
16 What colour on a Clone Trooper's armour denotes the rank of Sergeant?
17 Which actor's voice is the only voice to appear in all six films?
18 Statistically, in all three of the orginal trilogy... who is the best shot?
19 Which Star Wars film has the highest (on screen) bodycount?
20 Which Star Wars film has the lowest (on screen) bodycount?