Do you know America's Best Dance Crew?
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Do you know America's Best Dance Crew?

From which crews won, or who had the best moves, this quiz is a blast!

1. Which crew won ABDC season 4?
2. Which crew had the first standing ovation from the judges?
3. What song did JabbawockeeZ dance to in the first episode (favorite song challenge)?
4. Which crew first survived elimination three times in a row?
5. Which song did Super Crew dance to in the Missy Elliot Challenge?
6. Which crew is famous for their isolations?
7. Which crew won second place in season 2?
8. JabbawockeeZ seventh member was named:
9. What was the name of the challenge of season 3 episode 7 (not counting live auditions)
10. Who is the producer of ABDC?