How well do you no Family Guy?

Everyone loves Family Guy, but do you know the show better than your friends do? Take the quiz and find out!

1 Let's start easy, who is the main dad character in Family Guy?
2 What is the name of the first Family Guy episode?
3 Who does the voice of Chris Griffin?
4 What street do the Griffins live on?
5 Who is Peter's black neighbour
6 Where is Family Guy set?
7 What colour of hair does Lois Griffin have?
8 Getting a bit harder..... What medical condition does Joe Swanson have?
9 Does Peter Griffin where glasses?
10 What name did Meg choose for herself in the future after her sex change operation?
11 Whats is Glen Quagmire's occupation?
12 What animal does Stewie turn into in the episode 'Da Boom!' after Y2K?
13 Who has a big crush on Meg?
14 What is the name of the pervert who loves Chris?
15 What is the name of Peter dad?
16 What university does Meg want to attend?
17 What did the Griffin's name the their country?
18 In Road to Rupert, how is Stewie seperated from Rupert?
19 Why does Peter fight with the giant chicken originally?
20 Whats is the Family Guy Movie called?
21 Who Tom Tucker's Co-anchor?
22 Who does the voice of Lois?
23 In the first episode, Lois tells Peter not to drink but how many beers does he have?
24 In what season is the episode 'Meet the Quagmires?'
25 How did Stewie get his football shaped head?