I guess your race quiz!

I will attempt to guess your race somehow from a quiz. Keep in mind this is a joke! This is not to make fun of any race of people. This is to prove a point and make fun of stereotypical racism,instead of calling everything racist that mentions race. We need to embrace different races ,and acknowledge that there is racism and not ignore it but confront it head on.This is not based on fact in anyway. I apologize if this offends anyone.

1 What type of food do you like to eat?
2 Can you dance, and what type of dancing do you like to do?
3 Do you have alot of pride when it comes to your race?
4 What are you into out of the following?
5 What stereotype out of your race do you HATE the most and is the most stupid?
6 Where did you live growing up?
7 What type of name do you have?
8 What type of music do you like?
9 What religion are you in?
10 Are you good at driving?
11 Is your hair natural or not?