Will Sandie and Monica be your friend?

Everyone wants to be our friends because we are the BOMB-digggity YO! So take the quiz and if you pass your in! You know you want to

1 Do you have a kick ass job?
2 Favorite Drink
3 How old are you
4 Are you kid friendly
5 Do you have a Tattoo?
6 Out of these group games which one would you pick to play with your new friends
7 Do you tell people that your weird?
8 Do you have a criminal record?
9 Do you like Cats?
10 Do you have a car
11 Do you pick your nose?
12 Where would you take your Gal Pal if she ahd Turrets?
13 There is a Flash Flood, what do you use to float on til help arrives
14 If your friend ends up in jail, are you available to help out?
15 If you were to visit your Grandpa at the cemetary, what would you bring?