HJOw well do you know me pt2
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HJOw well do you know me pt2

Another quizz about me..

1. Who did I chase after for 17 yrs
2. What is my favorite Music group..
3. What is my favorit saying..
4. What is my dream car
5. What is it that gets me in trouble so much
6. What is one of three of my lucky numbers
7. What is my favorit tv show
8. Where was my favorite place to visit
9. What type of video game do i prefer
10. Who has been the Longest friend in my life
11. What chased me down the raod while on a skateboard
12. How many tats do i have
13. If I was a midevil character what would i be
14. My spirit most matches with a
15. What made me scared to go back to school
16. What is my Nick name
17. If you were to see me out in public what would i most likely be doing?
18. What is my favorit Guild