how well do you know me (chris ivermee) 2?
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how well do you know me (chris ivermee) 2?

read the title

1. what do i want to do in the future
2. what do i do if something goes wrong
3. what is the song i that cheers me up when i'm sad
4. what does my lucky necklace say on it
5. what colour is my lucky pick
6. what is the one thing that trully puzzles me more than any other
7. what is my one biggest secret
8. you didn't really think i would tell you did you
9. what song do me and mat sing in maths most
10. why do i run
11. if i could take 1 person with me on a world tour. who would most like take?
12. what do we say to pirates
13. and now a flashback to the last quiz. Am i a virgin at time of writing? 12/11/09
14. what song do i want to sing at next years rockstars?