Do you know your sport?

Test yourself to see if you know sport

1 Who won the 2006 football world cup?
2 What team plays at Vicarage road?
3 What country is the Babarian rugby team based on?
4 What athlete has won the most gold medals in the History of Olympics?
5 What football team has won the most premiership titles?
6 Which country did the game of Rugby start?
7 When was the first cricket world cup played
8 Who won the 2007 rugby world cup?
9 Who won the 2009 ashes
10 What country won the 2008 Summer Olympics
11 That was easy ready for the bonus questions worth 6 points each?! no right answer in this question!
12 What South African rugby player has got the most Caps?
13 What country won the 1930 football world cup?
14 In basketball its called a tip off, in football a kick off, what about Ice hockey
15 THIS IS HARD!!! What year did Football star Pele retire
16 What football team did Christiano Ronaldo start at