How well do you know Minerva Clara?
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How well do you know Minerva Clara?

Okay, everyone knows who i am, but do they really know me??????!!!!!! if ur a family memember and gets lower than a 60% right shame on u and if ur a best friend and get less than 60% right bigger shame on !!!!!!

1. First, ......THE COLOR QUESTION! whats my favorite color?
2. Whats my favorite word?
3. my favorite number?
4. who are my bes friends???
5. my favorite food
6. how old am i and what grade???
7. how much do i ike money
8. what type of hair do i have
9. do i believe in love at first site?
10. who do i call "baby"
11. do you think i would be mad if my cell phone got thrown into a lake?