Do YOU Need Angermanagment???
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Do YOU Need Angermanagment???

see how angry u r and if u have angermanagment.

1. Your Friend looses your iPod/Cell Phone What do you do?
2. You're walking in the school's cafeteria line, some kid behind you pushes you into a another kid causing a dimino affect, what do you do?
3. Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend cheats on you(and deosnt tell), what do you do?
4. You hear you enemy is spreading crap about you, what do you do?
5. You accidently break you phone, how do you react?
6. You are took a test in school and if you don't pass you flunk, too bad you got a D.
7. You Phone Commpany says you used too many of you talk and text minutes, but u kn u didnt what do you do?