See if ya know Leah... :D Good luck!!!!

Hey ya'll this is a quiz about Leah, muah, and it'll show you if you know her or not. Muhahahahahaaaa. All ya'll who don't know me you should take the quiz cuz it will be funny (if not that ok just need to work on your sense of humor) ROFL. Ya'll who think you know me will get a kick out of this.... Soooo let the games begin. :D

1 What is my favorite color? If I say these are colors then they are Sooo THERE :P
2 How many siblings do I have?
3 When I say... Shabooooyah!!!!!!!!!!! What do I mean?
4 What are my dogs names?
5 What is the most likely thing I would do when I'm bored with a conversation, or feel like I have nothing to contribute to the group?
6 What am I most good at?